How much will the price of the iPhone go down?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by NbinHD, Jul 20, 2012.

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    So here is the plan. My iPhone 4 plan is running out in October, and I'm not planning (unless the iPhone 5 is extraordinary) on upgrading to the iPhone 5 as I simply don't use my iPhone enough to make it worthwhile paying so much for a iPhone on plan (I'm 15, and planning on unlocking my iPhone 4 and selling it). So here is my question. How much will the HTC One X and/or the Samsung Galaxy SIII go down in price? Unlocked and/or on a plan totaling $1000 on plan. Or because I'm not keen on Android, how much will the iPhone 4s go down in price and how much will the iPhone 4 price go down? I think the iPhone 4s should be good for me. Thanks, anyway.
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    May 30, 2012
    Maybe you should check historical numbers (4 vs 4s and SG2) so as to get a first idea.
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    USA? The latest iPhone starts at $200, with contract. The prior version is usually $100. Top Android phones start at $300 usually, then drop in price over a few months. They also become available from 3rd parties like for less, eventually getting to $0. Best Buy will probably close out some excess i4s phones once the "5" comes out at various prices. Other countries are totally different.

    Frankly, if you can't afford $200 instead of $0 once every 2 years , then you can't afford a smartphone plan every month with a top phone. It's about managing money, and saving a bit for the one-time portion of a purchase. Same goes for phones, cars, etc. When you are in your mid-teens is the time to start learning how to do this correctly. If you want an expensive device like a top-end smartphone, learn to save a bit each month, so you have the $2-300 when it is time to buy a new phone. Don't just look at the monthly cost. $300 over 2 years is $12.50/month. Save it. And don't touch it until it is time.
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    This. So very this.
    I WANT the latest and greatest but I'm 21 + a med student which basically means there's no way that I can afford to purchase something expensive outright. Instead, I plan in advance what I wish to buy and save up slowly over time. I usually manage to get myself a summer job during the holidays. Most of the money that I earn, I save up.

    All in all, it becomes a game of patience but it has served me well over the years and has taught me how to manage my money effectively.

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