How much would you be willing to pay for an Apple Developer account to be able to install JB'd apps?

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    Jun 11, 2018
    Hi guys from MacRumors!

    I'm a student developer who's been an avid jailbreaker ever since the iPhone 3GS days. I've been catching up with the news and have read that many jailbreak applications use exploits that need a $99 Apple Developer account.

    I do have an Apple Developer account that I use for development, but am thinking of possibly "sharing my blessings". I know many of you aren't willing to shell out that $99, so I was just wondering, how much would you be willing to pay to have "access" to an Apple Developer account to be able to sign and install jailbreak apps OTA almost instantly?

    This would mean that you can sign and install apps such as Houdini, Torngat and possibly, if it exists in the future, an early developer release of Electra.

    I know many Apple Developers who are also jailbreakers are open to this, but remember, Apple restricts 100 UDIDs per developer account!

    Hopefully, if this post receives numerous replies, I could make a follow-up post regarding this. Follow me on Twitter for more information and updates: @zacharycsy!

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    I doubt this is anything I would have an interest in these days (ios jailbreak isn't really a "need"
    for me anymore), but for what it's worth I paid for a few UDID registrations around 2009-2010 and I think I paid $5 then.

    Edit: I dug through my old email and in 2009 I paid $1.75 to get my iPhone 3G registered and $4.99 for my 3GS set up a little later.

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