How Obama Really Won the Election, Esquire Magazine -- by Nate Silver

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Cleverboy, Jan 15, 2009.

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    I saw this on the magazine rack. I should go pick it up, if for nothing else other than the nice high res iconic Shepard Fairey artwork. I picked up the Time Magazine retrospective on Lincoln instead. Good reading.

    ~ CB

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    Interesting...but I'm not sure he's totally right. There's a sort of chicken-egg thing going on here. Are there now more urban voters than rural? Or did the (usually voting) rural folks stay home and the (often not voting) urbanites turn out to vote? (Don't forget, McCain wasn't exactly popular with the far right.)

    I'm not trying to be negative; I hope he's correct. It's just that this is such a freaking conservative country, I don't see us making that big of a turnaround that fast.
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    After 8 years of a republican president and 6 of those with a republican Congress only a Moron would vote again for Republicans. Im still shocked we have a country that half the people cant learn from the past mistakes. Scary.

    Look at where we were after Clinton, Look at were we are after Bush and the republican draft dodgers.
    Rural America is become brain dead and religious right wingers with no ability to think past what was beat into their heads by the churches and the republican lie machine.

    I still think both partys should be outlawed and eliminated. America is tired of the screw job by the left and the right.
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    If you think it's bad now, imagine prior to the early 20th century, when parties themselves ran the elections. They gave out their own ballots, with only their candidates on it, so it was a straight party vote either way. They brought people from all over to vote in different precincts, some of which ended up having more votes than registered voters. There weren't any primaries either, whoever the party heads picked was your candidate.

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