How The Arab World Came Apart

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    A long, in-depth article in today's New York Times Magazine.

    IMHO, this should be required reading for anyone interested in getting a better understanding of what the events of the past dozen or so years have brought to much of the Arab world. That the people involved are individuals, each with their own experience, family, history.

    ISIS wasn't founded by Barack Obama. It wasn't founded by George W. Bush or Paul Bremer. It has roots going back to the artificial boundaries drawn up by colonial powers after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire. It is the result of tribalism and corruption. Of military strongmen and ambitious politicians. Of poorly thought out actions by both the U.S. and Russian governments, among others.

    It's a long article. And a tough read. One of the individuals was an ISIS recruit, who, having seen the writing on the wall for that group inside Iraq, made a circuitous escape to Kirkuk in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq. There he was identified as an ISIS veteran and has been interrogated. He has been useful in identifying other ISIS members trying to flee. But he also confessed to terrible crimes, including murder. At present, he believes he is looking at life in prison, but the reality appears far grimmer.

    It's a story that doesn't end on an optimistic note. And one without clear or easy answers to the region's problems. But it does give the reader a far richer, more nuanced, and broader understanding of the grim reality of life for millions of people in the Arab world.
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    Where, when, how, why, etc. don't matter since they are all headed West to overthrow Europe, England, and the USA.

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