How to access Terminal once booted to Lion Recovery Image?


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Jul 6, 2011
I created a Lion Recovery Image Boot DVD (from the image which I can use to "boot" to the Recovery Menu.

I am trying to use the "Disk Utility" to then "clone" the Recovery HD partition.

The problem is that the Recovery HD partition, and I was told that I need to use "Terminal" to enter a command to make this hidden partition visible to Disk Utility. The only partition I can see in the Mactinosh HD.

However, I am unable to find the "Terminal" option anywhere on this Boot DVD. Since I am currently booted to the DVD, I do not access to Terminal as if I booted normally to Mactinosh HD on my Macbook Air.

Help? Is there anyway to access Terminal without booting back to my Mactinosh HD (while remaining in my recovery mode in Boot DVD)?
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