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iPhone 12 Pro How to activate current plan on new AT&T 5g sim?


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Aug 14, 2010
Fort Worth, TX
I have an unlocked, sim free 12 Pro that I purchased from Apple. I put my current AT&T sim from my 11 Pro Max into the 12 Pro, and it works fine. Of course, Cellular Data options just shows 4G and LTE. I got one of the new AT&T 5G SIM cards from the Apple Store today. I would like to activate my current plan on this physical sim rather than esim. I’ve been reading through some support articles, but all that I can find is converting my current sim to esim because I’m afraid of complications if I need to return or exchange the 12 Pro.

I’m on the original grandfathered unlimited data plan, so I assume that I’m not going to have 5G unless I convert to one of the new 5G plans, but I’d like to get this new, current sim working.

Is calling AT&T my only option?

I hope that I’m making sense with my question. :)


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Apr 7, 2012
To switch sims you are going to have to call At&t or go to a store. Not sure if it matters as your plan doesn't support 5G, and you can get 5G on the eSim you are currently using.
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