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How to add Ringtone with iCloud Music Library and Catalina


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Original poster
Sep 10, 2015
HI, I am hoping you can help, I am a little lost. I have a MacBook Pro with Catalina, and an iPhone 11. I have an .m4r music file ready to go as a ringtone. How do I get it on my iPhone to use as a ringtone? I tried opening the phone in finder, then dragging the file to the General tab, but it didn't do anything - I think because I am using iCloud Music Library (and have an Apple Music sub if that matters). I don't want to sync music from my computer to this library, I just want to add this .m4r so it shows up in the ringtones section of my iPhone settings. How do I do that, is there some way to add it to the iPhone so that Settings sees it? Thanks a lot!!!!
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