How to buy iPhone 5 and keep unlimited data


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Sep 18, 2007
Currently Serving Overseas and will be home in mid November.

I want to order an iPhone 5 in time for it to be there by them time I get home.

My question, I'm sure it's been discussed but my computer access is very limited and timed. How do I buy an iPhone 5 (ATT) online and keep my unlimited data plan? Will be upgrading my iPhone 4 line.

Thanks for any help!


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Sep 26, 2012
If your account with unlimited data plan is active - buying iP5 via full upgrade, early upgrade or full retail will not change / affect your plan, you will keep your unlimited data plan.

Of course, a new 2 year contract with them for early or full upgrade and as you know with AT&T, with iP5 their cap for throttling is 5GB (so it's not really unlimited but at least you are safe from incurring overage charges).

When are you going home? Maybe by the time you go home it will not be that hard to find stocks in the stores. But yeah, who knows this scarcity of supplies could possibly go on until after Christmas.

Maybe you can ask your relatives at home to try their luck for you in the ongoing 10PM reservation system via pick-up next day in the Apple Store lottery. :D
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Nov 14, 2002
Charleston, SC
Yeah, AT&T isn't forcing users off their unlimited plans like Verizon. I added a line and am swapping upgrades and they still told me I can keep my unlimited plan.
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