How to check if a pic needs to be rotated (before sending it to sb)?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by jon08, Feb 12, 2010.

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    So whenever I use apps like Preview or JustLooking to view pics, they seem to display all my camera photos correctly, whether they be rotated or not, they will always display fine for me. However, when I send them via email or upload them or whatever, some of them will appear upside down and whatnot.

    Now it's all groovy that these apps won't even require me to manually rotate the pics, but what that causes is that I never know which ones should be fixed before I send them out.

    What could be done about this?
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    Aug 29, 2006
    So you've offloaded the pictures from a camera, into a folder on your computer.
    What preview shows should be correct orientation of the picture.
    Or is their metadata that knows a pictures been taken upside down and some can autorotate to correct?

    Best bet is actually doing a test - take a picture upside down on camera, import, check the preview, check the quicklook once youve imported it.
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    What's going on is that Preview is using the EXIF orientation tag -- your camera is taking a picture, storing the photos in the "native" orientation (i.e., the top of the sensor, when the camera is sitting upright on the table, is the top of the photo), and then it is storing in the EXIF metadata, the correct viewing orientation.

    Not all programs make use of the EXIF tag for orientation; if they ignore it, the photo is shown in the wrong orientation.

    In Preview (see this link), you can turn this off temporarily, which should display a photo in its native rotation. You could also select any other image viewing program to look at your images in, that doesn't use EXIF orientation, and then look at the image in that before you send it.

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