How to choose AppleCare for my iMac? Lost because of their product numbers.

Discussion in 'iMac' started by TrollToddington, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Hi guys,

    I've got a 2010 model 21.5" i3 iMac which I'm planning to use for an extended period (the computer is good at anything except 1080p video exports). I thought I should get an AppleCare extended warranty just for the peace of mind and, probably, better resale value if I decide to upgrade within next 2 years.

    Unfortunately, I am totally lost because of the variety of AppleCare products for iMac sold at For example there are

    AppleCare Protection Plan for iMac (MC257ZM/A) - 89 quid
    AppleCare Protection Plan for iMac (MD007ZM/A) - 120 quid
    AppleCare Protection Plan for iMac (NEWEST VERSION) (MD007ZM/A) by Apple - 128 quid
    Apple AppleCare Protection Plan for iMac MD007D/A - 145 quid

    On top of that, website sells in the U.S.A iMac - AppleCare Protection Plan whose number is MD006LL/A (got it from the URL)

    I wonder how I know which of these products is suitable for my iMac? They vary in price significantly and I don't want to end up buying this expensive "insanely great" product and finding I can't register it with my specific iMac.

    They don't sell AppleCare in my country but I was told by the local Apple service guys that they will acknowledge my applecare if I buy it from somewhere else and register it in an "applecare" country. My sis lives in Finland and I am going to ask her to register the applecare for me.

    Any help from you guys will be highly appreciated.

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    Mar 12, 2011
  3. TrollToddington thread starter macrumors 6502

    Feb 27, 2011
    Hey, many thanks for the link. It says:

    which I already knew. My initial question remains. Is there any difference between AppleCares for iMac because of the difference in their product numbers?
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    As long as the serial is alphanumeric, Apple will accept it. Either part numbers starting with MC257 or MD007 will be fine. The following letters relate to the country in which the Applecare is sold. I got a German Applecare for a 2011 iMac sold in the UK and after checking with Apple applied it to my computer. Mine was the penultimate release of Applecare with a serial number starting with MC257. MD007 is the latest release.

    Make sure you keep the box and the sale receipt for your Applecare and be prepared to present these on demand if you need to invoke your Applecare guarantee. If you buy the Applecare via eBay be prepared for hassle depending upon which store you end up taking your iMac to, even if the box is legit. Some people have had problems (mostly in the US) even though their Applecare registered online with no problems.

    As always, read the T&C on the Applecare section on the Apple website.
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    Hi weckart,

    Thanks for your reply. It turned out I cannot ship AppleCare from to Finland and the only option for me is to buy AppleCare from finland. However, the price they offered seems ridiculous, they ask for 180 Euros which is 15% of the price of my i3.

    I feel I am gonna skip AppleCare. My computer has already been serviced (yellow tint) so I guess it already falls into those 12% (or whatever percent) of computers which brake down during the first 3 years. Lightning never strikes the same place twice, you know (knock on wood).

    After all, AppleCare is nothing but a way to upsell customers. Will report if I've been lucky or not in 2 years' time.



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