How to close At& Premier account and open up a new one.

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    Hello! I am unsure whether this is an appropriate place to discuss my issue, so please let me know if I need to remove it.

    I have been an AT&T Premier customer since around 2004. The account was setup via the company I work for, however to this date I am no longer tied to that company but am still using the account as if it were my own personal account. With what said, I am paying out the a$$ and want to close the account and start a new one (for the 15% off discount). I have an iPhone 4S' (from release day, so I can't upgrade) and would like to get 5's. So my question is:

    -Is it possible for me to close our current account and open a new one without fees? And if I can with fees, how long is the buffer period and can we keep our numbers--or do we have a better option?

    Thanks in advance!
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    No need to close your account to just get a different discount associated with it. However the Discounts aka FAN numbers are supposed to be in the name of the person eligible for the discount. Go to this page and see if your GF can add a different FAN discount to your account.

    Also, no discounts / account registration changes are going to get you eligible for a full upgrade for purchase of the iPhone 5 with AT&T if you want to keep your numbers, you will have to port them away from AT&T and then back.

    Note that to be considered a new AT&T customer, you will have to wait 90 days and you will have to pay a $36 activation fee for each line unless your FAN discount provides for waived activations.

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