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How to completely get rid of Norton in Mountain Lion


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Jul 26, 2011
Hello Guys! First of all, I know installing Norton Antivirus is stupid now! Hah. I installed it when I was convinced my mac had some sort of virus. Now I know better.

Here is my problem, I installed the trial a while ago. I used 'Appcleaner' to get rid of it as I couldn't find an uninstall option. Appcleaner has been great in the past but it does not seem to have totally gotten rid of Norton. A pop up comes up asking me to purchase norton every couple of days! This is my first mac, which I got in 2011, a 2011 mba - so I'm not exactly an advanced user yet!

Does anyone know a way I could get rid of this element of Norton that is still lurking in my mba!?


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