How to compress videos as to take less space?


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Oct 21, 2012
Capri - Italy
I use HandBreak to compress videoclips and to, say, remove black bands from top/bottom and sides, sometimes I recompress mp4 to take less space but it doesn't say, for example, what the final size is going to be.

Is there any tool which allows to re-compress video clips with more control over final size and output compatibility?



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Apr 21, 2010
In handbrake you could use "average bitrate" and set it to match the desired size you want your files to be However it is not the most optimal setting, as frames requiring less compression will be given more "bits" and high compression frames less This is true for I believe all software which are determining the size ahead, as well as from streaming hardware like cameras


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Feb 10, 2008
After some experimenting I've defined a couple Handbrake presets that give me broad compatibility with the minimum resolution/size/quality that is reasonable to watch on a target device, and let the file be the file size.

With the old compressor you could set it to fit to a file size or duration. Dunno if the recent versions still have that feature.

When you share, FCPx will tell you what the resulting file size will be. I play with values and picture size sometimes to fit into what is reasonable to share with a cell phone. I think HB may give better results, but you do have to experiment a bit.
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