how to convert an trial account to "email only" account???


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Oct 12, 2001
This has already been in another thread....but to answer your's not there to piss off anyone's just there to piss ME off


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Jul 18, 2002
Hollywood, CA
(I don't know where the other thread is, so I'm adding to this one.)

People, I don't mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I am unnerved by the manner in which Apple is behaving regarding switching iTools to iMac. Yes, the link above instructing us to preserve existing iTools email accounts by attaching them to someone elses paid account was not there yesterday. What was there, was a link telling us how to convert our iTools accounts to free email-only accounts (that didn't work.) Why isn't more being made of this?

Yesterday I read on spymac, that Apple is systematically deleting negative feedback surrounding this issue from their site right now. Does their reach extend further? The issue seems underrepresented here at MacRumors.

Anyway, it seems to me, there are a lot of us made .mac our permanant email address, trusting that it would be at least as reliable as hotmail. Now, after all our freinds, business contacts, and vendors have our addresses, Apple is forcing us by a bunch of software we may or may not need in order to keep them! This bothered me enough to write the following letter, which I submitted Apple in the .Mac site where it allows for user feedback. I post it here in hopes that maybe some of you do something similiar. Maybe if enough of us complain Apple will see the error of their ways.



Hello Apple -

I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of complaints I'm sure your hearing regarding the converting of iTools to .Mac. Specifically, I am most upset about the implications this has for my email address.

I have been following the discussions surrounding this issue since they first began, and was relieved when you announced in the support section of the .Mac web site that I would be allowed to convert my 'trial' iTools account to an email only account for free. I grew frustrated when the instructions you gave for completing this 'switch' proved to be bogus, and now I am even more frustrated that you have changed those instructions to read that I must now find someone who has .Mac account to attach my 'email only' account to. Very poor, Apple.

When I signed up for iTools, it said nothing about being a 'Trial.' As such, I opted to make my .mac email address my permanent address - in the last three years, my ISP has changed as companies have gone out of business or merged, and I wanted something more stable than this. Without mentioning that Apple was only offering these email accounts as 'Trials,' I (and presumably millions of others) assumed you were offering a service similar to Hotmail. Now that my business clients and contacts all have my .mac email address, I feel I may be FORCED to buy services from Apple than I do not want or need in order to keep it current. Again, very, very poor, Apple.

Lastly, while I think it's great you're trying to attract new customers with your whole 'switch' campaign, I just want to point out that it is your loyal, long term customers who you are most offending with your 'iTools to .Mac' change of policy. To me and users like me, you are sending the message that you care more about those newcomers to Apple who haven't been around long enough to have you usurp their email accounts than you do those of us who have supported you (and trusted you) for years. Very very very poor, Apple.

A generally satisfied Apple customer who thinks your latest move is in very poor taste,



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Apr 4, 2002
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:mad: That almost eliminates the entire purpose of setting up an e-mail only account! Just keep the free e-mail service and charge everyone else for the other stuff! Please Apple!



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Jan 19, 2002
Here are the instructions to answer your question:

Turn a primary iTools account into a .Mac (repugnant name) PAID account.

Now, when you go to visit that page again, you'll have the option of tuning other iTools accounts into .Mac e-mail only accounts for $10 per year (the button only appears to PAID .Mac [ridiculous, isn't it] subscribers).

This way, Dad can set up for $100 per year, and smithfamily will have all the .Mac (Apple has stooped to copying M$) features they used to get for free.

Now that smithfamily are .Mac (try going to subscribers, Mrs Smith can have her own address ( for only $10 per year, Jim Bob Joe Billy Jack can also have for $10.

The initial fervor about free accounts was the result of someone with poor reading comprehension and post keynote depression being a little inventive. Apple is not currently offering ANY free .Mac accounts.

Got it kids?

There is still a glimmer of hope that this will change, but for now RTFM!


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Jun 18, 2002
Chicago, IL
Here are a couple of places to offer protest to the pay .Mac:

I hope that everyone signs the petition(first link) and provides apple with plenty of negative feedback(second link). I think that these methods are the best way to get apple to notice the problem that we have with the paid email accounts.

Another very effective way to protest, is to not upgrade to the paid service. I sure-as-sh*t won't. Way too much money for just the email address(that's all that I use anyway).

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