How to copy photos to iPad for display

Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by icymountain, Oct 5, 2017.

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    Dec 12, 2006
    During my spare time, I enjoy taking pictures with my high end camera, and processing them on my mac. When I do not print, displaying them on the screen of my iPad or iPhone is a great way to share them.
    Until recently (iOS 11 ?), my workflow was to prepare the jpeg files in a directory and load it with iTunes into the iPad or iPhone. I would get one more folder (on the shoot, event or trip that I just loaded the photos of). That would even work for many folders at once, and I could keep everything organised, even though going to iTunes each time was a bit of a pain.

    That is not possible anymore, and iTunes advises me that photos can be downloaded with my Wifi network.

    Cool, but when I use AirDrop the iPad gives me three choices:

    1. Use iCloud Drive. No, I am not interested to waste my iCloud space for a synchro I will do just once. Also, I tried, and it does not seem to send the pictures to the Photos App. Instead, they stay in Files, which is not adequate to display them interactively.

    2. Go to the App Store to search for a new App. Why ? Is there no "Photos" app preloaded in the iPad, and that I cannot even remove if I find it is not great (I do, but I would leave this issue for another day).

    3. Decline. Thanks, but no thanks, I would really like to do what I could do with my iPad 2 six years ago!

    I guess I must be doing things wrong. What is the right workflow ?
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    Load these to Dropbox, view on iPad. Need an online delivery solution to bring the files to a mobile device outside of itunes. Or email them to yourself and open email attachments/save.
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    The Mad Hatter

    Oct 12, 2004
    You could try Goodreader. Yeah, I know, it's a 3rd party app, but you can access your networked comps directly from it.

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    Dec 12, 2006
    Dropbox: well, I would prefer not to load a couple thousand pictures (this is what it will most likely end up to be...) into it just to transfer data to my iPad...

    Goodreader: thanks for the suggestion, I will look into it.

    In the meantime, I played more with Airdrop, and found that:
    - if I copy a directory, iOS is confused (see my original post);
    - if I copy one image, or one hundred images, Photos will get it or them, and move it to the main library; I can then organise them into albums, which is major pain (because this work is done already, it is the file system of my Mac...).

    So for now, I have a working unsatisfactory solution. I hope Goodreader can help.
    I am disappointed Pictures do not naturally transit through the Files App; this would be a problem if I wanted to load them into an edit App, maybe batch process them, and keep them back to where they are (= not duplicate them). Well, iOS 12 may fix this...

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