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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by amoda, Jun 12, 2008.

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    Aug 9, 2006
    Edit: *in the area
    Hello all,

    Well, due to my current travel situation I have no access to an Apple store, or even a reseller/repair center. Apple only has a support email address when it comes to iTunes or .Mac, but what about hardware? Any email address that you guys know of?

    My situation is this, for those interested,

    Bought my first MBP (1.83CD) in May of the year the MBP was announced. Loved it, but had a bum load of trouble with it. Logic board failing, fans failing, blue tooth failing, heat, whine, etc so I sold it. Oh and the buyer knew all the issues.

    Bought a second MBP last August (2.2C2D). Love it, having some problems with it. 5 weeks before traveling my GPU failed, went to get it replaced. The ordered a new logic board and a new screen (the screen had an obvious defect but the original Genius I went to blamed it on me, the 2nd one said it's internal damage and order a replacement even though I didn't even bring it up!). Apple was awesome and upgraded my logic board from a 2.2 to a 2.6 but the replacement screen they sent had a dead iSight. Because of how long it took them in the first repair I only had 1 week left for a new screen to come in. The screen didn't even leave the factory by the end of that week. Whatever, I'll get it later.

    But now my HD is starting to swell, it seems, and is pushing the enclosure out. Also my GPU seems to be failing again, woke my laptop from sleep twice this month to a beautiful display of black and white boxes.

    So tally..
    1x logic board, 2x screen, another 1x logic board in a matter of time, and HD is swelling because of the heat generated by the laptop.

    To makes things worse my warranty is running out in August, which is before I head back home.

    So yeah, this is my current situation. I'm moving around a lot at the moment and the nearest repair center to me is about a...6 or 7 hour drive from where I am currently. I also have no way to get there, nor the time, so it's simply out of the question.

    Also, since I can't head to an official place, do you think if I send them pics of the problem they'd believe me? I tried proving it's me by writing my name on a piece of paper and placing it next to the screen, and swelling, to prove that I didn't get the pics of the net.

    So yeah, an email address that you guys know of would be awesome :)

    Sorry for the length of this, I have a habit of typing like the energizer bunny (never stopping.)
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    Why can't you call and do it by mail? It would help if you list your general location.

    By the way, HD does not swell. Battery might swell, but not the HD.
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    My apologies, I'm currently in Egypt. Southbound in 46 hours. Egypt -> Sudan -> Congo -> Angola.

    I'm not aware of an Apple phone number in Egypt, or the other countries. The two authorized repair centers here ("here" as in, "in the country", not close by "here") never pick up their phone so that's a no go. And if they did it wouldn't be much help. I'm mostly depending on Apple allowing me to do these repairs after I get back home since the issues all happened within the warranty period.

    Thanks for the tip about HD's! Learn something new every day. Well then the enclosure alone seems to be swelling since it's coming apart. It's not very big yet, but it's growing. It starts at the left corner of the laptop and spreads to about 2cms.
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    Aug 9, 2006
    Sorry for bumping the thread so soon but it's urgent.

    I would really appreciate it if someone knew and email address to let me know about it. Or if you know such an email doesn't exist for sure to say so. I'm going to be netless for a long time and I really want to email them before I go so that they don't pull a "you notified us too late" card.

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