How to Extend Life (not battery) of MacBook Pro

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by AxoNeuron, Jun 9, 2014.

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    Hi Everyone!

    I bought a retina MacBook Pro back in 2012 when they were brand new, and it has been running like a CHAMP ever since. I've had no issues with it at all.

    Because I have come to depend on this machine increasingly over time, the thought that one day it might up and die on me is a terrifying thought. I recently read the thread about the logic board issues that owners of the 2011 MacBook pros are beginning to have about 3 years after owning it, and I am soon going to cross that mark. I did not buy AppleCare for it, I meant to near the end of my 1 year warranty for it but I completely forgot!

    So my question is, do you guys have any tips to extending the lifetime of a macbook so that it doesn't have issues any time soon? Or should I start saving up money for the inevitable repair? :D
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    Your question is a bit apples and oranges. The 2011 systems suffered from a design flaw of bad solder on the GPU, which is why a disproportionate number of them are suffering from failures. Unfortunately, Apple has yet to recognize this and issue an extended repair program. Personally, as I own one of the potentially defective 2011 systems, I am going to continue to use my computer as I always have. Fortunately, I am still covered by AppleCare until next July. If something happens after that time, I will consider my options.

    There have been no such failure reports (or much, much fewer of them anyway) regarding the 2012 and later models. It's probably a good idea to save up for potential repairs anyway if you intend on keeping your machine for any length of time past the warranty period. More than just the GPU going bad could potentially happen to you.
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    The 2011 model's failure is probably a design or manufacture flaw. That's why there are so many issues reported. I don't see as many problems in the 2012 models.

    There are not really much you can do to extend the life of a laptop. Usually MBP last for fairly long time but you never know. I guess using it in a clean environment with less dust, trying not to run the laptop hot by using graphic demanding apps for extended time, putting laptop in a place with good ventilation will help.

    Apple has a flat rate repair service and it is usually cheaper than the in store service if you have something major wrong. Dents, scratches or water damage will increase the repair rates. So avoid those will help if you need to use the flat rate repair service in the future.
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    Don't drop it, keep liquids away from it, keep the vents clear so it can breathe, clean dust out of the inside (especially the fans) every now and then, use good quality batteries/chargers, correctly replace the thermal paste after 5 years or so, and don't leave it plugged in when there's lightning nearby.
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    I never done this things (except using the original battery & charger) and my Macbook Pro from 2008 works just like in the day I bought it.

    I spilled Coca Cola & yogurt on the computer and it felt from the first floor on tile, direct impact.
    It runs just fine ; sure, it's a little dented, a chip here and there and it gets pretty hot sometimes but this things are build to last.

    The machine had 3 owners : me (2008-2010), my father (2010-2012) and now my sister (2012- )
    Just use your computer normally.

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