How to fix Iphone 3g error 23, 1600, 1601, 1603, now connect to itunes logo.

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    Jun 19, 2012
    okay so this morning i wake up to pee and the electricity's out. i go to use my iphone for light but it shows the battery bar with a small bit of red juice left in it with the lightning bolt. So i assumed it was dead/dying. Well when the power comes back on in the house, i go to charge the phone on my mac, but nothing hppens. So i unplug the phone, do a hard reset...still nothing. So now im thinking maybe i just need to restore it. I put it into a pwned dfu using redsn0w, and click restore and i get error 1601. After multiple tries and pwned dfu's and errors 1601 and 1602, along with the phone not shutting on at all, i read that you can easily hold the power and hoe button for 12 seconds, release the home button, and keep holding the power button and eventually the apple logo will come on. It didnt. So i tried pwng it again and this time the apple logo did come on. I smiled, thinking i got my much needed phone working again until the apple logo faded to a blank screen. I tried pwng and restoring and i then received error 23(my heart dropped) a few more pwn restore attempts and id either get error 23 or 1600. So after i tried over and over, googling god knows how much **** about what to do when this happens, i finally give up and hunt down some iphone 4s on craigslist. But tonight for some reason i try to give my 3g another shot, so i plug it into my mac, do a hard reset, and now i get the connect to itunes logo. So lol what the hell do i do now? Given the history of the problems, is this connect to itunes logo good or bad? And also i had the phone jailbroken with whited00r 5.1 running on 3.1.3 firmware from sinful iphone repo t unlock it. Please help guys, i need the phone for my job. Thanks in advance


    as i was finishing up that long post, the connect to itunes logo disappeared lol
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    From the iphone wiki:

    Error 23
    Cannot restore or update due to hardware problems.
    In software you have to set default web browser.
    In hardware, it's a communication problem. Check all connections, also try to change battery.
    Faulty baseband flash or processor
    Happens frequently after water damage. Remove and clean motherboard.

    Error 1601
    See also Apple's Knowledge Base article number TA38633.

    Error 1602
    Restart computer; change computer; reinstall system.
    If this error occured during an Apple TV restore, then unplug the Apple TV from the power cable, after you entered the recovery or DFU mode, and then try it again.
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    Jun 19, 2012
    although i dont know about the last owner of the phone, this iphone has NEVER came in contact with water at all. but ive read that one guy simply removed his battery and put the same one back in, and it worked so i guess i'll try that later on. because before yesterday the iphone worked fine, especially with battery life. i could use it for almost 2 days, surfing web etc.

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