How to Fix Latch on Alu PowerBook

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    I've been working with Apple over the last several days to solve my latch issue. They also offered to replace the unit, or have me ship it to them for repair. However, because I'm leaving the country on Wednesday the time does not allow for either of these options... SO, my Apple rep. talked to engineering and they agreed to (for the sake of time) walk me through the process of repairing my PowerBook on the phone. Here's what they said:

    With the PowerBook open, depress the latch button and notice how it move a small piece of metal inwards (toward the keyboard) to open the latch. When the latch is no longer secured by this piece of metal, it pops open. Obviously, if the latch itself was slightly bent towards the front of the PowerBook, it could easily pop open.

    So, close the PowerBook to the point that the latch is drawn out and catch it with your finger. Hold onto the latch and raise the lid. Now, using gentle pressure, push downwards (toward the keyboard) on the latch. Only do it slightly. You are bending the latch downwards. Now close the PowerBook and see if it helps. If it is not quite where it needs to be, continue the process.

    Be careful, because too much pressure could break the latch, or damage the unit. Do it in small increments until it works better.

    The rep told me that this is what the repair tech would do when they received it!

    I did this and my PowerBook works great now!
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    Actually, this will work with any TiBook or AluBook - they all use the same hook-and-latch mechanism.
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    Fix Latch on Alu PowerBook

    This solution suggestion worked for my Alu 15" PowerBook G4 1.25. The lid now closes without the gap space it previously exhibited just out of the box. Simple adjustment, and I would now declare this elegant machine to be perfect, along with my five other Macs, including the ever clacking-along MacPlus, vintage 1985.
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    Non-clamshell iBooks too.

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