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Discussion in 'Games' started by Spanky Deluxe, Mar 28, 2006.

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    Ok, this may seem like a silly question but how do I start playing WoW?

    Do the copies in stores include like a 60 day membership or something or are you simply paying for the media and a cardboard box. It seems a bit steep asking people to pay £25 for a box and a disk. Ideally I'd like to give it a try for a few days or something but I would be willing to go out and pick up a copy of it if it includes a decent amount of subscription in the box price.

    My girlfriend's in India for the next month and a half and I'm back home from Uni where I lived in a five man house and am now in a flat all by myself, I'm getting a bit lonely to be honest!! Seems like a perfect time to give WoW a try!!

    I live in the centre of town so I can pick up a copy in less than five minutes (when the shops open).

    Also, is it really that good? I've always enjoyed RPG games although I'm more about the stories in them than anything else. I know I'll have to do some levelling up but I'm more into exploring and stuff. What are the fights like? Are they turn based or real time?

    Also I hear there are lots of different servers. Any ideas which I should join? Also, can you transfer a character from one account to another? The reason I ask is if I did get WoW and then got my girlfriend interested in it by letting her play on her own character for a while then she'd probably like to transfer that character to a new account if she enjoyed playing. She claims I love computers more than her so I'd really like to share the love!! :p

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    Well I can speak for you about the american version. It comes with a 30 day subscription. Yes wow is that good it really is. For an MMO it still has lots of stories and most of leveling is doing quests which all have wonderful stories of there own. As for picking a realm there are 4 types: RP PVE PVP RPPVP. If you like getting into your char allot go with an RP/RPPVP realm if you just want to play the game for gaming sake go with PvP/PVE. PVP realms mean that the game is much more open to fighting the other faction it means that you are not always 100% safe from the enemy. I can not recommend PvP as hard as I want to in words. On a PvE realm the other faction cannot attack you ever unless you allow them or go into a capital city of theirs. This is a two way street you cannot attack them either. While it may sound easy to takes out a huge amount of fun from the game. Its basically removing the War from Warcraft. We PvPers tend to look on the PvE's as "carebears" As for picking an individual realm I am sure that someone here would love to suggest one based on your faction and realm type choice. That way they could give you a gold or two to get you started. In any case Good luck and have fun!

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