how to get iTunes music and movies onto my new macbook pro from iMac

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by halfmonkey, Jun 27, 2016.

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    I currently have an iMac that acts as my base where I contact all of my iPhones and iPads to sync music and movies through iTunes. It also holds all of my photos and movies as well. I recently ordered a macbook pro that will serve as mobile workstation so I don't necessarily want my photos on there because I have over 20,000 photos but I would like to have my music and some of the movies that I've purchased on there.

    So normally, with my iPhones and iPads, i connect them to the iMac and then iTunes will launch and I can manually add music, movies, and photos to each of the devices as I wish. How would I do this with a macbook pro? Do I connect it to the iMac and then launch iTunes on the iMac and then select each of the movies and songs that I want added to the macbook pro?

    I saw something about homesharing but it seems that for this to work, both computers need to be on and using the same network. I would like the songs and movies to be physically on the macbook pro and not accessed via the cloud. Is there a way to set this up?
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    home sharing computers or devices must be on the same network :

    While u sign-in with Apple ID on each device that's just for security... noting is shared over icloud. but would be easier option.

    If all u want is data from one mac on another, why not get a hard drive instead of using iPhone as a storage for transferring on and off between Mac's ? as that sounds like that is what u'r doing now.

    I'd just use Home sharing.
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