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Dec 17, 2009
I have some meditative tracks I want to stick on my iphone that I got from a seminar, so they're kind of home-made things that won't match up to anything iTunes Match.

Is there a way to put them directly onto my iPhone?

I realized while trying to do this that I haven't really gotten any new music other than an album off of iTunes since the match thing came out, and I hadn't really paid any attention to what was going on with it. But this time I had to rip tracks off of a CD, which I did through MAX.
Of course, these being home-made CDs, there were problems, but now I have this junk sitting in the iTunes Cloud that downloads to my phone with artifacts like skips, crosstalk and other junk, while the MP3s on my computer have none of that.

I've tried dragging and dropping tracks from my iTunes library onto the phone (in iTunes), but that didn't seem to work at all.



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Nov 29, 2011
Boston, MA
I don't believe there is a way to do this (which is what has me NOT wanting to use match), however I DO believe you can still upload things TO match that are not actually on iTunes. I use google music. First, it doesn't mess with syncing music to the storage on my phone. Second, I can easily stream it this way from any computer (especially at work) if I were so inclined.


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Oct 8, 2008
music does not match to anything in iTunes it will be uploaded to the cloud I have several songs that were not itunes yet they're still available to my iTunes match program
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