How to get my purchased copy of Mac OSx Mountain Lion without a MacBook?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by TheDude75, Nov 25, 2015.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am in a bit of a quandary. At my work place I recently made the decision to upgrade my MacBook to OSx El Capitan. However I have discovered the hard way that 'Apple Configurator 1.0' does not work with the newest version of OSx. This is a big challenge because my work place runs a fleet of iPods which have iOS 6 installed, and although 'Apple Configurator 2.0' will work with El Capitan it only supports devices that are running at least version 7 of iOS!

    After checking my MacBook I discovered that there were no Time Machine backups. I therefore used the Disk Manager and formatted the main disk with the intention of installing OSx Mountain Lion. However I cannot get an internet connection to the Mac in order to restore it, mainly because my work place uses a Proxy Server (for Internet Access) and there are no settings available to enter a Proxy when performing an internet based restore.

    Knowing the above I then proceeded to purchase a copy of OSx Mountain Lion from the App Store. However I am in a quandary regarding how to download the software. My MacBook doesn't boot into OSx anymore so I cannot download Mountain Lion through it, and furthermore I do not have another MacBook.

    How can I go about downloading my copy of OSx on Windows? If downloading in Windows is not possible what are my options?

    Kind Regards,

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    Talk to your IT folks. They may allow you to bypass the proxy server with a good excuse (I mean a good _reason_ :D ) I think you will NOT be able to get to the Apple download servers without bypassing the proxy server. Maybe you can talk to someone who will allow that to happen, at least on a one-time shot.
    Or, take your MacBook somewhere else, maybe your own home network.

    Another possibility is to download Mountain Lion on another Mac. Do you have one at home? But, that also means THAT Mac has to support Mountain Lion, too. You can't download the OS X install through the App Store on a computer that can't run that OS X version. When you get ML installer, you can create a bootable USB stick from that installer, and you will have an installer that you can use to get ML on any supported Mac (including your work Mac)
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    Did Mountain Lion ever come on a physical disk? If so you might be able to pick up a disk from eBay. It's normally a good place to look for older software.
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    The last OS X version on disk (DVD) is Snow Leopard (10.6.x)
    Lion (10.7.x) came for a time on a USB thumb drive, in addition to download from the App Store.
    No later version comes in any form other than an App Store download.
    And, new Macs have not come with hard install media since Lion was released (other than a few with the Lion USB thumb drive, but that didn't go for more than a few months, IIRC. )
    I have read about creating installer DVDs, but you would have to search that out on your own.
    Plus, the DVD on later OS X versions is quite slow to install, and (being a DVD) easy to damage the disk.
    Bootable flash drive, or OS X installer on a hard drive partition installs MUCH faster on any OS X version.

    You CAN try for a torrent download - that would be available too, but I only mention it as something in the realm of possibility, and not something that I would recommend to anyone.
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    You can not download your purchase from the App Store to a Windows machine.

    The MacBook is easy to transport so take it to another network (home?) that does not have a Proxy Server and try to boot to the Recovery partition and install OS or try a Internet Restore (if the Macbook was new enough to support it).

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