How to get out of Tmobile contract without paying?


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And yes, I have a very valid reason. I have spent a total of 9 hours on the phone with t-mobile in the last three months, I have been a customer for 5 years, and since March, when I paid for a new phone at a discount and signed up for a contract becuase the replacement V600 they sent me was crappy, and got a V360. Since MArch, they have sent me 3 replacements for the V360, and am now on my fourth that they are sending after arguing for an hour.

The last replacement they sent, started rebooting itself for hours on end the DAY AFTER I GOT it. Then they said it was a battery issue, they sent me a new battery, but the wrong one. I called abck, they refused to send me another battery as they said it wasn't under warranty. What, do I ahve to put one of their sales guys threw a window to get my point across?

Point is, they've ****ed me for the last time. I want out. How do I do this legally, without paying a dime to these people.

BTW, NEVER buy fromt mobile. I will make it my crusade in life to ward people away from this company!


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Aug 2, 2004
Read the fine print in your contract. I'm guessing you have no true legal recourse, but argue enough with a manager at t-mobile and they may let you out.


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Oct 21, 2003
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I don't think you can. Despite the sodomizing they seem to have inflicted on you, you signed a legally binding contract. Even if you got a lawyer or arbitrator, it would cost you MUCH more than simply terminating early and paying the $200+. Check the copy of your contract for small print.

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Aug 20, 2005
Thank you Jah...I'm so Blessed
^Agreed..I have two phones now because of tmobile...My cell phone was not able to get calls and I wanted out but you know the drill....I don't have that type of money right now so I got like 6 more months before my contract is now I sport two phones on my side...I went and got myself involved with verizon this time.



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Feb 15, 2005
There's stories that float around the web of people scamming their way out of contracts... none that I've ever tried, but some seemed to make a bit of sense.

For example, if your company provides free roaming... set your phone to only roam and use excessively for a couple months. Hypothetical person is then let out of contract at no charge and encouraged to find a different carrier that suited their calling behavior better.

I've read of other people claiming that they'll be moving and that the cell phone company's service does not reach there, etc. They're then let out of their contract for little or no charges.

Keep in mind, I've never actually tried these or heard of anyone actually trying and succeeding with these... but just what I've read here and there on different blogs or Ars, Digg, et. al.

Your best bet, since you just recently re-upped the contract, would be to raise a stink and threaten that not only will you leave T-Mobile after your current contract runs out... but you'll encourage all of your friends and family to leave T-Mobile because of their shoddy service. At best, maybe they'll let you out of your contract... more likely, you'll get a new phone/battery or whatever it would take to keep you as a happy customer. They probably won't lose too much sleep if just you left... but if suddenly 10, 20, 30 or more people leave them because of you. Well, then you've got their attention.


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Just thought that I'd inform everyone that I have found the magical way out of a Tmobile contract, especially if you've been screwed around like I was.

The Better Business Buereau. I filed a complaint, and was very professional, unrelenting, and an overall nightmare for these people. Needless to say after they tried closing the complaint saying they satisfied my needs, I said NO YOU HAVEN'T. And thus, after that, Tmobile released me from my contract.

I am now with Cingular and have not had one dropped call, not one phone screw up, and my signal hasn't dropped a single bar no matter where I am.

SO, if anyone else is looking for a good way out, especially if Tmobile hasn't held up to their end of the bargain, go with the BBB.


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Nov 19, 2003
Congratulations Onizuka,

I think all cellular companies are rather s*** in the states, mostly because customers aren't more demanding and they just "get by."

I've been a T-mobile customer for over 2 years now and have had much less problems than I had with Cingular, but depending on your area it's obviously different. Again, congrats and sorry you had to go through so much crap, it sucks as a customer to feel like the company who you've been "loyal" to, wouldn't show you the courtesy to let you out whenever you wanted past X number of years.


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Aug 1, 2004
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Here in STL, Cingular absolutely blows, so we're switching over to T when our contract is up because my sister has had them for years and hasn't had a single problem. Good luck with Cingular, but I think once you make a call to their customer service department, you'll be wishing you went with someone else.


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Mar 11, 2005
Just explain your situation and see what some out of it. Otherwise, suck it up.

Oh, and by the way, get anything but Verizon. I'm trying to leave them and only after a year with them. I'm much happier with my Sprint phone. I recommend them over Verizon, no matter where you live.


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Jun 28, 2007
I feel sorry for you guys that have had problems with T-Mobile. I have had them for 4 years and have never had a problem. I just want to get out of my contract so I can get an iPhone! I just have to say, if you are going to get something other than T-Mobile DON'T get Verizon or Alltel, they are both horrid! Sprint and Cingular/AT&T are my favorite alternatives.


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May 25, 2006
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I don't think there is going to be any way out, unless you call a really nice customer service rep

On a side note- it seems like everybody has beef with almost every cell carrier
I've heard gripes against all the carriers- i think its about time apple got into the cell phone carrier market :D