How to get the most out of an SSD using Photoshop.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by yespi, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Can anyone please guide me with this one.

    I'm planning on buying a SSD on Black Friday and adding my current HDD into the optibay but it's a little confusing how to set it up.

    I will keep all my software and mac files on the SSD but do I also need to keep my PS file I'm working with on the SSD in order it should be fast.

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    If you want it fast moving then import all PS files in the SSD. Once you process the files move them over to the HDD for storage!
  3. snaky69 macrumors 603

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    Once your file is loaded into the RAM, you will not notice any difference at all between the HD and the SSD. The SSD will simply allow you to open the file quicker, but once that's done, there is no difference.
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    Storing your data on the same drive used as a scratch disk isn't always a good idea. Photoshop does use scratch disks when it goes to save a file, so ideally you want your data on a different drive than your storage. Most people don't experience longer save times. If you do it's commonly due to things like layer compression with 16 bpc images which can be disabled. For a lot of stuff you can greatly mitigate the use of scratch space via ram assuming you have at least CS5. Enough ram to do this is a relative thing. 8GB is nothing if you work at high resolutions or 16 bpc (not debating 8 vs 16 today, I'm just stating it because some people work primarily one way or the other). Even if you have a lot of ram, ram settings are important, as photoshop can't be allowed to access all of it without limit, or it just starves the OS, and you will get weird out of ram errors.
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