How to give an unlocked iPhone to a friend who has older iPhone on another carrier?

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    Okay, long topic subject...

    But here is the short of the long...

    I want to give my unlocked iPhone 6S plus to a friend who has an older iPhone.

    I am on the AT&T network. He is on the Sprint network.

    I have already removed my SIM card.

    Is giving him the phone and immediate calling ability on his Sprint network as easy as putting his SIM card in my iPhone?

    Do I need to call Sprint with his account information as well, or, is the installation of his SIM card enough?

    Thanks in advance for the help
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    Sprint is not plug and play with SIM cards unfortunately. They are a CDMA carrier and have only been doing SIM cards since around 2011.

    My suggestion is for your friend to take your phone and his SIM to a Sprint store and get it activated there.

    Sprint has some bizarre back end stuff that may complicate matters - you won't know until you try to get it activated.

    Assuming you have unlocked your device? Nothing is going to happen at all if AT&T has not unlocked it.

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