How to install macOS as a Guest OS on VMware Workstation?


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Nov 25, 2018

To learn macOS, I want to install macOS as a Guest OS on VMware Workstation.

Host OS is Windows 10 and hardware configuration is i5 8th Gen with 1TB HD and 12GB RAM.

I did Google searched for Installing macOS on VMware Workstation and I found some links.

All links have similar steps and I have gone through steps explained in the link.

As an example, After Step 7: Editing the VMX File, VDX file doesn’t open.

Please guide me so that I can install macOS as a Guest OS.




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Mar 4, 2005
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You're asking in the wrong place. Technically we're not supposed to talk about it here on Macrumors. The terms of the Apple licence is that you can only run OSX / macOS as a Guest OS while running on Apple hardware. ie run OSX virtual machines on a Mac Pro / MacBook / Mac Mini / iMac. These are the only legal options you have.

That said, I used to run OSX / macOS in VM on Windows VMware and there are several guides out there. I can't say much here for obvious reasons but here are some useful threads / message boards on alternate sites:

Enjoy your journey.
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