How to Justify a Fatuous and or Irrational Biological Process?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Spectrum Abuser, Jul 21, 2015.

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    Aug 27, 2011
    I've been diving into Philosophy, and to a lesser but still significant extent Psychology of the human consciousness, and have hit an immortal black hole that countless before have faced. To justify, or place absolute meaning for that matter, on life. That task is completely pretentious as life is different to every single organism and individual on this planet and throughout the known universe, yet I continue fruitlessly in an attempt to subside my own drive for the ultimate answer.

    I'm sitting here typing this out as if this thread is more of a snapshot of my mind. For example; Everyday I wake up and see the morning sun preach through my window shades, and it opens my eyes ever so slightly more to the fact that most of what we consider living doesn't matter. The clothes you wear, the shoes on your feet, the vehicle in the drive, the job or income, anything else you can stereotypical stamp onto a anti-consumerism/material world rant. Yet being born in this culture I'm just as engulfed as anyone else and possess no worldly powers to escape.

    I can't tell you for certain how my individual consciousness came to be, or why I'm who I am, yet I have to devout my limited time towards the greater good of a society that neglects these important questions and brushes over them with pacifying tales of religious heroes to satisfy their limited perceptions. It's as if questioning life is this awkward conversation that people would rather pretend to laugh off like an uncomfortable joke. That is until it's forced onto them whether indirectly or directly, such as a near death experience. Then and only then will most ever venture into that field of thought.

    This thread isn't meant to provoke negative connotation. Really it's just a snapshot of my thought process over the past hour of enlightenment feelings that have come over me. Maybe a rant to "the man", or the system; a reincarnation of the stereotypical 60's. The rant goes as far back as Socrates and Plato, though. The age old debate. The quest for answers that cannot be for reasons left unanswered.

    tl;dr, brief period of enlightening thought as I listened to the Beatles live rooftop concert.
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    Mar 22, 2010
    I too have noticed that most people would rather not dwell on these questions, while they are the ones that I've likewise considered at length. As a Zen Buddhist, I've come to realize that the answers aren't important. Enlightenment doesn't come from intellectual reasoning. You can't think your way there.

    Trade kindness, patience and compassion for intellectualism. Practice with your heart and let your mind follow.

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