How to make a bootable Lion DVD or USB stick (didn't see this posted, sorry if so)

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    Pre-emp: Forgive me if this has been discussed, I didn't see it posted and thought this may help some people...

    Lion glitches seemed to worsen for me after the most recent update. I decided on a fresh install and came across an online guide. I've also read installing Lion over Snow Leopard - which many have done - may create compatibility issues, etc. You can install Lion on a fresh drive by burning the dmg from the last full DP2. Right click on the Lion DP2 app and select "Show Package Contents." Navigate to /Contents/SharedSupport/ to see InstallESD.dmg. In "Disk Utility" burn that dmg to either a DVD (fits on a single layer DVD) or USB stick.

    Follow detailed instructions here:

    Creating a bootable OS X 10.7 Lion disc (Update: …and USB stick)

    After a clean install many issues I experienced were gone (such as not being able to delete any app's in Launchpad and app's that were not working in the recent update now work).

    Hope this helps anyone out there (and sorry again if this is old news, but if this is discussed in a buried thread perhaps others will see it now). :)

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