How to make an iTouch with “BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0” Work Again

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ricardo1064, Feb 13, 2008.

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    Thanks a lot just used your guide to restore my touch from that ****** ZiPhone app.
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    there is a video available now as well.
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    yes, thanks for the link, my 32gb touch did the same thing, twice.. i tried restoring it a 2nd time to see if it was a fluke, it wasnt. :mad:

    i posted on their forum with my results of their buggy software.
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    working 1.1.4 16gb ipod touch

    If you're getting a BSD error when trying to jailbreak your iPod Touch, complete the following to get your iPod working and jailbroken with 1.1.4 firmware. This was done on a mac and you'll need the 1.1.3 firmware update and ziphone

    1. connect sync cable to 'broken' iPod
    2. open iTunes
    3. hold down sleep/wake and home buttons until screen is blank
    4. release sleep/wake button ONLY when screen is blank
    5. release home button when iPod appears in iTunes
    6. press option key + Restore button and select the 1.1.3 firmware file
    7. wait for restore to complete
    8. go through iPod setup wizard, uncheck automatically sync and click sync to synchronize nothing
    9. click on check for update and update the iPod to 1.1.4
    10. wait for update to complete
    11. click sync to sync nothing
    12. Eject iPod and close iTunes
    13. Disconnect sync cable from iPod
    14. hold down sleep/wake and slide to power off
    15. hold down home button and connect sync cable
    16. release home button when iTunes logo appears on iPod display
    17. open ZiPhone
    18. select Jailbreak
    19. click Start
    20. wait for jailbreak to complete

    Job done; fully working, jailbroken iPod Touch running 1.1.4

    Things to do after:

    1. connect to your wireless network
    2. open installer
    3. install BDS Subsystem under System
    4. install Open SSH under System
    5. add the source
    6. install 1.1.3 / 4 iPod Full Features 2.1 under iSpazio Unlock Tool

    Job done; fully working, jailbroken iPod Touch running 1.1.4 with Mail, Google Maps, Weather, Stocks, Notes.

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