How to make Windows on the Mac flow like Wine

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 24, 2006.

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    Link: How to make Windows on the Mac flow like Wine
    Description:: Mac owners will soon have a new source of professional-grade commercial software for their beloved machines. The catch is that the software was meant to run on Windows. Forget Boot Camp. Booting Windows on Apple hardware is an interesting sleight of hand, but this is different. What CodeWeavers is offering is the ability to actually run Windows applications from within Mac OS X.

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    for a second there, i thought this might actually be a "how to" article, instead of an open-source rant. yes it's clever to use wine and os x and windows in your title, only at the expense of letting me down.

    almost everyday, i find that macbytes gives us at least one article whose name totally misrepresents the article.
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    Many are years old and come up as 'new' which is just annoying.

    New PowerMac arrives!!! :eek: The new G3 from Apple :mad:
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    Too right! It's gotten so bad I don't read the articles at all without first checking the comments to get the skinny. Like this time, and thanks to comments like yours, they won't be getting my click.
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    and furthermore, I disagree with that he was saying in the first place.

    The purpose of an API is to encapsulate functionality of one layer from the other in such a way that it shouldn't matter a bit what's beyond the API. It could be windows over there, it could be OSX, it could be linux, it could be a microwave oven. If the API is written correctly, then the binary app should have nothing to worry about.

    What I am rather interested in, however, is if these emulated apps wind up with the OSX open/save dialog. Java apps, such as the dreaded Zend, use java open/save dialogs, making your sidebar shortcuts out of reach.
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    I knew what this was talking about...but what I would like to see is someone set a timeline out as a line in the sand and say they're going to have Wine usefully working on top of OS X / Intel on such-and-such a date. :) Preferably with .NET support. :D
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    Thought 1...completely useless for Streets and Trips since I need access to GPS.

    Thought 2...One less reason to boot into Windows if I can run Office 2003 with Outlook. Oh and Paint Shop Pro 7. Those two alone account for about 40%, maybe 50%, of the time I'm booting into Windows.
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    If you bothered to look you'd find that they were posted under Apple history!

    There is nothing wrong with the article title. From the pun in the title it was clear that this would be an opinion piece rather than a dry 'how-to' article...

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