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Jun 13, 2013
I've encountered some games/apps that won't work on a Mac OS 10.6 because designed for 10.7 or superior.... nevertheless I've heard that you can modify a small text file in the app to make it work still for the 10.6.....but how specifically? do you have other suggestions?

In the specific I'm interest in making this XCOM game work
Minimum Requirements
Processor: 2.0Ghz
OS: Mac OS X 10.7.5
RAM: 4.0GB (or 8 if you have an NVIDIA 320m)

Graphics: 256MB

On my system:
Processor: 2.4Ghz
OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8
RAM: 4.0GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 320M (256MB)


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May 3, 2009
You can't make them work, if there's an application that requires 10.7, you cannot make it work because it expects certain APIs or frameworks to be present (which are there in 10.7 but not in 10.6)


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Jun 13, 2013
I think some app would still work on my system, I just need my mac to read them (to try and maybe fail)


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Jul 24, 2002
It will depend whether they are signed or not. If the application is codesigned you cannot edit any part without breaking the code signing which will stop the OS from even trying to execute. If it is not codesigned you could try editing the Info.plist file within the application package (Google for what you would need to edit: I'm not about to Google for you and re-post the text here) but as noted above most likely this will make absolutely no difference as no developer chooses a base OS version to exclude customers unless they absolutely need to.
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