How to manage Family Plan iPhones with multiple iTunes accounts?


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Jan 16, 2009
Hopefully I can explain my question. Here goes...

I currently have two iPhones on a family plan with ATT. They are both synced to my longstanding iTunes account and share contacts, calendars, and what not and sync their music with iTunes on my computer (playlists).

I am planning to add my parents to my family plan with two new iPhones. My parents live in another state and I'd like them to be able to sync these two new phones with their own iTunes account (don't have one yet) on their own computer and I'd like all of our data to never cross streams.

Is this possible? Can they be activated on a separate computer/iTunes account and be kept completely segregated from my iPhones and iTunes? I'm hoping they would be able to buy apps and update their own phones with their own accounts even though the phones are on my family plan.

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Oct 5, 2003
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AT&T lines are independent of the iTunes account, as well as iCloud and any other accounts that can be configured in the iPhone: like emails, calendars, contacts, etc....

So go on, make your parents happy, and have fun.

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Oct 5, 2011
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What if the parents have only one computer, but have 2 iPhones, will iTunes allow to sync both iPhones or only one? What happens to the other iPhone if Parent A wants to download apps, when Parent B had already synced their iPhone to the one and only computer?


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Oct 5, 2003
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Whatever they want.
They can have independent users in the Mac and each one with independent iTunes accounts, as well as iCloud accounts.
They can also use a Mac single user and one iTunes account and share eveything.
With two Mac users they can have the same iTunes account but different iCloud accounts, Safari bookmarks, emails, calendars, etc.
It is up to you to deciede what and how to set them up.
The key is in the syncing set up in iTunes and in the iPhones as well.