how to move home folder to a new drive, and have OS X still recognize it

Discussion in 'macOS' started by spyderracer393, Jul 9, 2007.

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    #1 I just installed a new Maxtor Enterprise Class 500 GB HD in my Power Mac G5, and I want basically just the OS and Apps on my original drive, a Maxtor 250 GB drive, and I want my home folder on the 500 GB. I know I can just drag the folder over, but I want OS X to recognize that the home folder is on the secondary drive, rather than the main drive. I don't want to tell all of my apps that x folder is on 500 GB HD.

    Is there any way to tell OS X where my home folder is?

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    There may be an app that does this as a wrapper, but the GUI way I know of to do this (can also be done from CL using niutil and ditto):

    1. Copy your home directory where you want it to be.
    2. Open /Applications/Utilities/NetInfo
    3. Unlock in lower left corner
    4. Browse to /users/{the user you want to redirect}
    5. In the bottom pane, look for the home property and set it to the new location of your home dir.
    6. Should take effect upon next login.

    EDIT: Looks like Mike Bombich did a writeup for the command-line method.
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    I tried this a while ago with limited success. Certain apps seem to expect the home directory to be on the same drive. I don't remember specifics other then OS X just seemed to get annoying to use so I moved home back. This was all a while ago,I didn't stick with it long, and to be honest forgot how I did it in the first place. I seem to recall the Google lead to some good how to sites.

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