How to recover Contacts from iPhone that is stuck on Apple Logo?

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    I have a iPhone 3GS that was jailbroken/unlocked using Blackra1n and then I started having issues with WiFi connection and read that it can be fixed by reseting network connections. I did that (bad mistake) after which the iPhone just stuck on Apple logo now.

    I have read threads on recovering from this, but before I try recovering and wiping everything from the iPhone I desperately need to extract my contacts from the iPhone. I tried to extract the contacts from iTunes back up using the tool iBackupBot (great tool by the way) but my last back up is corrupt/incomplete. An older back up doesn't have all the info I need.

    So is there a way to extract the contacts from the iPhone itself knowing that its still stuck on the Apple Logo? If I manage to put the iPhone in DFU mode, is there a way to use WinSCP/SSH (not sure how these work) to extract the files to PC and then use tool to extract the data I need?

    Any help will be much appreciated.
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    Oct 18, 2011
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    Help =D

    Well, I tried to back up my photos and videos when the "stuck at apple logo" happened to me. It worked, you just have to start your iPhone and keep trying to connect to it. After some time, you will acces your iPhone's root folders. I think you can find where your contacts are with google. When you find it. Just copy the whole thing out, restore your iPhone. Then SSH into it again and replace the whole folder thing...
    I hope this works =O

    Xriri (not very good at those things but you could try it :D)

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