How to remove all recently added photos in Photos app?


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Feb 1, 2020
Hello. I recently did upload some photo and videos from SD card into the Photos app on the Macbook Pro. I did a mistake uploading it to the Photos app so the new photos are all over my iCloud library; on the iPad & iPhone.
Is there an option to remove all recently added photos and videos from my Mac and iCloud library? I want these files into the folder. What are possibile solutions?

Dave Braine

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Mar 19, 2008
Warrington, UK
Assuming that the "folder" that you want will be in Finder, create the Folder and then just drag and drop the pictures from Photos to the Folder.

You can then just delete the pictures from Photos. That should then(I believe) remove them from iCloud and your other devices.

For the future, if you want to import more pictures from your SD card into the Folder, use Image Capture, which should be in your Applications Folder.