How to save iphone traffic

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by honeygirl, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. honeygirl macrumors member

    Aug 28, 2012
    1. Close "notification" feature in the iPhone settings (iOS5 according to the procedure off) to reduce the automatic networking. Since many of the iPhone's software has automatically promote off "notice" sent automatically generated when you receive a new message can be avoided, such as QQ, microblogging software flow.
    2. Close "Mail, Contacts, Calendar obtain new data" push "and" get "function is set to" Manual "
    3. Turn off the set in location-based services. Especially when using the map, each automatic positioning will generate traffic.
    4. Every App Store username canceled, avoid software automatically searches and updates. Not log off the user name, the software automatically updates generated traffic often is not a small figure sum.

    5. Mail turn off remote images, open a web page using Safari prohibited picture, and then open when needed.
    6. iPhone4 support Wi-Fi capability, Wi-Fi can try to use Wi-Fi to download. Leaving the wireless network, Wi-Fi will automatically be converted to 3G connectivity to download, this time remember to pause the network to download.
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    Genius™ :rolleyes:
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    2 things:
    1. Uhh.....why?
    2. That Google/Bing translate isn't as good as you think it is.

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