How to show TV from a coaxial cable on an Apple Thunderbolt Display

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Dequanizatifici, Oct 27, 2013.

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    I'm leaning towards replacing my current monitor (an LG) with an Apple Thunderbolt Display. The display would mostly be used with my computer but I'd like to be able to watch TV with it occasionally. I don't see any way of getting input to the display other than via Thunderbolt in the manual. My TV signal arrives via a coaxial cable. How could I get the coax's output onto the display? I'm aware elgato makes a product that could get the signal onto my computer, whose output I could then show on the big display. But is there a configuration that wouldn't require my computer to be in the loop?

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    No - there are some solutions that would work on other monitors, but Apple's thunderbolt monitor has only one input and there's little point in making a product to put TV signals on one monitor model only that would also prevent it being used as a monitor.
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    Here's a good answer from]Stack Exhange:

    You might consider a TV tuner with HDMI output like this:

    Then an HDMI to Display Port or Mini Display Port (Thunderbolt is backwards compatible with Mini Display Port. Display Port would need an adapter to the Mini variety) like this:

    Shop around for devices such as these. No idea how well any setup would work, I'd love to hear back how well it works out.
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    Thunderbolt is not backwards compatible with mini display port, it only takes the form of a mini display port. Just because the cable fits doesn't mean anything as it still needs a thunderbolt signal.
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    Won't work.

    The one and only way to get TV on a Thunderbolt Display is to get a TV tuner for your Mac.

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