How to take off 32nd Shock proof case on my Samsung Galaxy S6?? NEED SOME HELP!!!

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    Feb 28, 2016
    I just got my Samsung Galaxy S6 today and so far it is a awesome smartphone and I like the phone, the first impressions are great haha!! :D:D

    And all so I have got case to protect the phone if I drop the smartphone on the floor by accident and the case is called the 32nd shock proof case:

    And I have got the case on my Galaxy S6 right now but I can't get it off because the hard plastic(I think) is so friggin hard/stiff to get it off the phone because if I try to take it off I really really worry that I might break the phone or a least break the switches(the power button) on the smartphone and I definitely don't want that to happen!!

    And I have been searching online on how to remove the case and surprise there's is no web pages and videos on that!! :( :(

    I really really need some help on the how to take that case of off my Galaxy S6!!

    Does anyone has this case or similar cases?? And How do I take off 32nd Shock proof case on my Samsung Galaxy S6 without breaking the phone and breaking the switches(the power button) on my smartphone??

    At home indoors I want to use my Samsung a Galaxy S6 naked with out a case and when I am out and about outdoors I have the case on just in case if I drop the phone on accident!
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    Hammer and chisel's the only way !
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    I would suggest taking it off from one of the bottom corners. These cases are always very hard to take off, but if you do it from the bottom, it shouldn't harm the buttons at all.

    I do suggest you do some research and find a better case, though. This case seems notorious for being difficult to take off.
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