How to transfer/download sent-mail from Horde (webmail) to Netscape, Thunderbird etc.

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    I have a couple of own domains with a bunch of mail accounts. When I am on location, I use webmail quite often to send out messages. Problem was, these messages never showed up in my Mac mail program (Netscape Navigator, how embarrasing!) as they were sent from the webmail client Horde.

    Today I found out how to migrate these sent messages to the Mail client.

    It might be silly for the in the cloud living ones, or the IMAPping ones (I always run into the data limit of IMAP accounts, so I use POP), but for those as oldfashioned as me, here is the solution:

    • Open Horde and click on Mail
    • Click on Folders in the top toolbar
    • Put a checker in the box before the "Sent folder"
    • Choose download folder in the pulldown menu under the toolbar
    It will give you a .mbox file of your sent messages on the desktop or in your download folder. After a succesful migration, you can use the same folder action menu to clear the sent folder in 2 clicks (you don't want to clear 800 message as I had in sent using the normal trash option).

    Second problem: Netscape Navigator does not have a .mbox file input option (it only does complete accounts). To import messages, there is a workaround:
    • Go to the account in Netscape
    • Create a new message folder (for example "Horde")
    • Quit Netscape
    • Go to the profile directory (Spotlight for Horde to find it)
    • Replace the file horde (without .msf extension) with the download
    • Restart Netscape
    • Move the contents of the now filled folder Horde folder to your Sent Folder, and have all your sent messages merged.

    As Thunderbird still works on a file level like Netscape Navigator did (generic UNIX mbox mail storage), this solution probably also works for Thunderbird, and maybe with some modifications in the second part for Apple Mail as well.
    If I make at least 1 person happy with this solution, I'm happy!

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