how to use my Linksys E4200 to extend signal of my new Time Capsule

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by k2aimeroo, Jan 20, 2013.

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    Jan 20, 2013
    i just purchased the Time Capsule. I already have a linkysys E4200 router and also an external hard drive (1 TB Fantom drive green drive, "GD1000EU") I am not the most tech-saavy, rather clueless, and realize I probably didn't even need this purchase, but regardless, i'm trying to make the most of my current products. My home is appox 4600 sq ft and at times i have problems with my current wireless signal in parts of the house. I'm trying to ascertain if I can use both routers in different areas and thus extend the signal strength .. i'd like to put the Time Machine in one part of the house and "piggy back" the other Linksys router in another part of the house. (i've seen other instructions about linking the linksys to the TM with an ethernet cable, but to me that doesn't make sense.. i want the linkksys router to be in another AREA of the house.
    Also, what is the best use of the other external hard drive? I believe I that i can connect it to the TM and thus have another backup in the case that the time machine crashes. Or do i keep it separate, like in our fire-proof safe...and maybe connect it to do a full backup of my Macbook Pro every 6 months?? or even do a back up of the time machine every 6 months? (Worthy of note is that i have a lot of space on my 1TB External hard drive right now, so i won't be running out soon.)
    Please help me and recommend what you would do and why.
    Thank you so much in advance!!!
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    The Time Capaule does full backups already and updates them constantly to reflect the changes on your Mac, so there's no need to do full backups once a month. You could create updates of the Time Capsule itself though, there's an "Archive" function for that.

    As far as the reception goes, you'll need an AirPort Express and run it as a range extender to eliminate the dead zones.

    Doing this with the E4200 would require a powerline adapter, and instead of directly connect them via an Ethernet cable, you'd use the adapters to transmit the data over the power line.
    The powerline adapters also comes in a Wireless variant, which would remove the need for the E4200 altogether and due to the wired connection over the power line, provides a WiFi network from any power outlet in your house.

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