How To: Use Sirius/XM as an alarm on your Mac!

Discussion in 'macOS' started by soco, Aug 30, 2011.

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    Last night I was listening to Opie & Anthony (as usual) and was about to go to sleep. I'd normally use my trusty iPhone alarm, but I've been so sick of it. I needed a way to wake up listening to my favorite show. Here's how!

    Disclaimer: I haven't figured out a way to auto-tune to your favorite station. So what I do is make sure that station was the last I listened to, and then close Safari. If anyone figures it out, Snickerdoodle cookies for you.

    Second Disclaimer: You need a Sirius/XM Internet subscription to use this. If you just subscribe in the car or whatever, it's an extra $5 or something. Look into it. (You can also just sign up for trials over and over again with Gmail accounts, but that's a no-no! So don't do it!)
    As you might have guessed, this is going to use Automator and iCal.

    Step 1: Close Safari (or whatever you use).

    Step 2: Open Automator and choose "Application" when it asks you to "Choose a type for your document:"

    Step 3: Hit record in the top right corner.

    Step 4: Simply go through the motions to get to Sirius/XM. Do this SLOWLY to allow for any latency or computer hiccups. Open Safari, navigate to "", enter your login credentials, click login.

    Step 5: Click stop on the on-screen controls for the recording of your actions.

    Step 6: Back to Automator, go ahead and File > Save > Name it Alarm or something, and close down Automator.

    Now we'll set that Automator script as an alarm. Open up iCal.

    Step 1: Start a new event, name it whatever.

    Step 2: Obviously set the alarm to what time and days you need. Tip: To set Monday - Friday, under Repeat choose "Every week" and it'll let you click each day.

    Step 3: Under Alert, choose Open File and navigate to the file you created in Automator. Tell it to set the alert on the proper date. Make sure you're very stern.

    That's it! I would recommend setting it to a couple of minutes from whatever time you're setting it up just to watch it go off and see it work. Once you've confirmed it works, go ahead and apply whatever times you needed and shut 'er down. :)

    Pro Tip: Make sure you don't shut your lid if you're doing this on a MacBook. Or use InsomniaT, InsomniaX (I forget which works now) or something like that. What I do is just dim the screen completely and turn the backlit keyboard off, leaving the screen open only a couple of inches. Oh and obviously make sure your volume is high enough.
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    What's wrong with one of these:



    Good guide, now only if only I lived in the States.
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    I don't know what that thing is, but it's broken. It's definitely not 12:08 right now. ;) :p

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