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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jxyama, Apr 23, 2003.

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    Apr 3, 2003
    I saw this HP 1000 Photo Scanner (for 4x6 photos) at CompUSA yesterday for $30. I thought it was a good deal and am considering buying it.

    On the HP website, it says this scanner is not Mac compatible. However, on Amazon, there's a reviewer who tried plugging it into an iBook running OS X and claims that it works fine except for no-ill-effect error messages.

    Does anyone else have experience using this scanner with OS X? Or just using this scanner, period? I'd like to buy a small profile scanner for my old photos and this one fits my needs perfectly, if it works. Does anyone recommend any other small profile scanners? (I am not in the market for a full-sized scanner so I'll graciously decline any rec's on those.) Any info. is appreciated...
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    Apr 3, 2003
    I'll answer my own post...

    Just because this thing was darn cheap and if the need be, I could use it with my gf's Dell, I bought this scanner.

    Pretty good stuff for $30 and it works with OS X. (Sort of, read on...) 4x6 pictures fall somewhere between 300 to 400 KB, in general. Not the sharpest scans, probably about what you can expect for $30, but it does the job.

    It comes with a software CD but it's for PCs. I don't think it will do anything iPhoto couldn't do.

    Some "errors":

    1) Every time you scan a picture, you will get two error messages about how you should eject the devices before unplugging. After those two messages, you will get a disk image with a scanned jpeg picture inside.

    2) All the scanned pictures are locked. So before you move/delete them on your computer, you will need to unlock them.

    3) Once you scan and the disk image name gets above scan #9, OS X freezes. Unplug the scanner and plug it back in and the counter will reset back to #1. (or maybe 2, I can't remember)
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    Jan 19, 2004
    Toronto, Canada
    HP1000 Photo Scanner and Panther

    Hello there.

    Well as per your and other people's reviews I also bought the HP1000 small format scanner so that I could scan photos for my website with my new powerbook. Well I plugged the usb cable into the scanner and then into the powerbook with panther running...and well...nothing happened...not even a disk image like you talked about. So then i unplugged the cable and tried the opposite...plugged it into the laptop and then into the scanner..and well...still nothing.... any ideas you could offer me to get this up and running would be greatly greatly appreciateed. Oh also by the way...if posible could you send me a copy of a photo you scanned with yours so I can atleast see what type of quality i will be geetting once I do get it to work for me? Thank you soo much. By the way...is it possible that you would have more control over the dpi resolution settings and such if you use fireworks or photoshop? Or does iphoto allow you to set the resolution at all?

    thanks againa nd I wait to hear back from you soon.

    bye for now.

    Jon Raven

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