HSPA+ Radio causing Batt issues?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by fins831, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Oct 7, 2011
    I'm no engineer, but theres only 3 major differences in this phone and the previous iPhone (note I said major). The 2 core processor, the new iOS and the new HSPA+ enabled 3g/3.5g radio.

    After doing plenty of reading on here about how iOS is prob the issue, and we had our first battery update with 5.01 (still waiting for 5.1), I am beginning to think that while iOS can fix some of the issues, its not the root cause of the issues.

    The 2 core processor has been suspected by many people, but many refute it saying its just not the cause...so I'll move on unless someone knows more than me.

    However, my thinking is its the HSPA+ radio, its just something i noticed while on twitter the other day. Was at 100 percent, spinning 3g wheel, down 2 percent...made a phone call, lost 8 percent in 4 min. I just think the usage of HSPA+ is overworking the battery, just as original 3G did in the original iPhone...

    I am in an HSPA+ area frequently, only notice slower speeds when I leave major parts of town..

    Thoughts? Also, feel free to prove me wrong...
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    Since HSPA+ works on the same frequency bands as 3G, I would guess that the modem was updated, not the addition of another antenna.
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    If u look at the reports it's iOS 5 as its effecting 3GS 4's and 4s's.

    Personally it's fine for me.

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