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Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by stoid, Mar 2, 2004.

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    In the latest caption contest over at the, R2D2 appears looking at an image of himself on the screen of a flat panel iMac. I'm wondering if some of the comments regarding Windows on Macs are from people who are trying to be cute? Or are they really that stupid/misinformed?

    Link to the contest.

    Example entries that made me scratch my head:
    * Despite his best efforts, even Artoo couldn't install Windows XP on an iMac.
    * Unfortunately for R2-D2, he was a Unix-based droid, unable to interface with the iMac.

    My favorites though are:
    * Help Me Macintosh ... Your my only hope!!!
    * R2-D2 is trying to blow up the Death Star by putting Windows Millennium on the Main Computer.
    * Well, we already knew he didn't run Windows, or else he would have crashed every 5 seconds in the movies.
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