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Dec 19, 2001
That is so true!

I feel like not reading rumor sites the days leading up to the next big release. Seeing the iMac at Time was a bad idea.


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Jan 6, 2002
What was the deal with that? Any news about whether Time Canada stuffed up? Or was it planned? Apple was never going to keep it a secret to everyone, but a lot less people would have known about it if Time hadn't spoiled it :(

Good cartoon. I think it sums up the whole situation very nicely. :)


AOL Time-Warner Netscape

Surely the leak was all a ruse by the people at Netscape - now owned by Time Warner AOL - because they're still annoyed that Apple decided to use M$ Internet Explorer as the default browser on the Mac?

Surely SJ must have know the dangers of releasing such information early to an organisation as big as Time magazine...
I guess in the long term the publicity of a front cover on Time will be worth MUCH more than annoying a few Mac hacks in San Francisco.


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Sep 18, 2001
Denver, CO
The whole thing does just kind of suck, because when you think about it, they did a fantastic job of keeping it secret. No rumors came anywhere near the actual design, suggesting the entire process was relatively leak-free. As far as I know, everybody was expecting the "fat cinema display" iMac, possibly with a detachable webpad screen. I can't see any point for Apple to INTENTIONALLY screw up the surprise like that. From a secrecy standpoint, Time Canada's blunder is sort of like tripping over the last hurdle when you're in first place in the Olympics. You carry this huge secret all the way to the night before, only to have some idiot in Canada forget that the Apple story doesn't go into the regular midnight update and blow the whole thing.


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Aug 31, 2001
Europe (EU)
Very cool and so correct!

Geekculture's JOT is very cool!

And this comic is particularly good, since it expreses just my feelings! I was so annoyed to see the iMac picture on Sunday (but then again I couldn't resist, either ;)).


Apple's Future

Is Apple delusional, or am I?

While the iMac is "cool," I fear it will take a bit more than "cool" to improve on that 5% market share (a percentage that reminds me of Apple's claim to 5 hour battery life on my iBook/500 - I've never seen more than 3 hours, which is "ccol," but it's certainly not 5).
To increase market share, it's going to take newbies, nonMac users, converts. But what nonMac user is gonna pay $1,000 more for a slower machine? And don't start spouting about Rubinstein's "Megahertz Myth," a concept only true Macheads are up on. You don't hear or see this conveyed to "potential" Mac users in ANY advertisements. None. And I don't count the less-than-easy-to-find link on Apple's site as advertisement.

Like it or not, all Joe Computer user (aka: email reader, internet surfer, game player) is interested in is Mhz. Period.

David Nagel at has an interesting read about this:

Simply put, in order to gain % in market share, it would seem that Apple MUST quickly (key) begin competing with the 2.2G boys of the industry. And imagine, if our processors were up to par with everyone else, and the only difference between us and them was OSes and pruduct design?!? well, I bet that % would rise just a wee bit...

Sorry for the nontopic-specific rant. Just frustrated.



Also about this digital hub policy...

Sure it's something for the future (maybe in 2 to 3 years) but is it really relevant now?
Come on. How many people can afford a digital camcorder, digital camera, mp3 player, a DVD player, and an iMac, especially in a recession?
Steve stated that 6 million people bought digital cameras in the US last year. That's about 5% of the population. Hardly going to vastly increase Apple's 5% market share...

I still need convincing, even though I've used Macs since 1985.


Jun 4, 2000
Alexandria, VA
Digital Hub is relevant _now_

Yes, the digital hub is relevant _now_!

How many people can afford a digital camera, etc. in a recession?? I am a web application developer and have been working in the capacity (network engineer and desktop programming prior to that) for 6 years since college now. I and everyone of my current co-workers, and co-workers at my previous, lesser paying job are able to afford such things.

I guess folks out of work would have trouble--but of all my friends/co-workers over the past few years (and this is the "dangerous and unstable" IT work, mind you) have been hit in a way that has crippled them financially. I don't think it's as bad as people think, the whole IT slump, etc. as far as killing purchasing power.

As such, I think now is DEFINITELY the time for the digital hub. Digicams and MP3 players are on the cheap currently, and integrating them with Windows is a royal pain in the ass. I think Jobs is wise to have bet the farm on this concept---I think it is the most compelling notion that Apple has expressed in recent years as far as gaining them market share.

It will be an interesting ride...



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May 9, 2001
I just do not care

I was vacationing in a wonderfull island down here in the caribbean and when I came home my DSL connection was off line, so I was back at the office this last monday about 9am.

One of my co-workers sugest that Apple may be said to their people "Is there is not any information leak this time you may get a bonus". I'm sure more than one is piss about Time mag. for more real reasons.

I wouldn't have that computer close to kids any way, they may make it detachable for sure.

If you take the Luxo lamp and morph it to a R2D2, in the middle of the frame sequence you may see the shape of this iMac.

For me it loos so funny.

I like the cube shape better, but what I like of this one is that the power suply is inside. Even I would place one USB port and one Firewire Port in front, with one of thouse little doors like the PowerBook have on the back. Just for quick connections.

I like Apple's Luxo Lamp.

I Do not like the slow evolution to the 1GHz processor, Apple is taking too long and is a year too behind. For me is just too much, they took too much time.


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Aug 7, 2001
Right on the money

I've found some of those Joy of Tech cartoons to be right on the money. The first time I saw that cartoon was right after last year's July MacWorld and the general feeling was a let down.

Fortunately for myself, by the time I saw the rumors about the iWalk, I stopped going to the rumor sites for a few days so there would be at least a few surprises for yesterday's keynote.

I liked how they even poked fun at how they could 'redesign' the iMac by just lopping off the back part of the iMac. After last year's macworld, I felt disappointed...this time...a little confused. I'm still not sure if I like the new iMac design or not. It is certainly different. The cube was cool looking, and I wish I had one (it's just I read about way too many problems going on with it), but this new iMac, which might be called iDome or iLamp, is just really weird looking. However, maybe computers will take on a look more like the new iMac in 10 years. It will be interesting to see who will try and copy the new iMac design now. Hey, there were plenty of companies who tried to follow after Apple with similar iMac style machines, or various companies to phones or computers who added semi-translucent colored plastics onto their computers. Sorry, Compaq, but just putting a little colored plastic on your computers isn't going to make everyone go apesh*t for you guys.


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Jan 6, 2002
a downer

I'm still a bit pissed with Apple hyping this keynote as something way beyond the rumors... first of all the flat-screen-i-mac and iphoto was one of the things we were all quiet sure off (although i never would have guessed that they come out with such an ugly design)
But what about the 'beyond' ..and were do these G5's stay ? sureley Apple has more in their sleevy than a bad designed (but incredible good value I admit) imac.
I expexted real future not some cheap sience fiction design.


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Jul 24, 2001
In the shadow of the Space Needle.
Every MW will be a let down if you even think that there will be something amazing released. I for one, am over it. I'll wait for an expo before buying a new machine since that is prudent, but I will no longer get too hyped up on "the big show".
iMac is nice but not for me.
iPhoto is nice too, I'll download it and play with it a bit.
Keep 'em coming, and I'll keep using 'em.
Still waiting for my DP G5.


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Oct 23, 2001
Come on guys..

How many times have we been down this road before? Rumor sites are a love-hate relationship. You love to read them one minute, and the next minute you read to hate them... ;)


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Jan 1, 2002
california, usa
re: numbers

as long as i don't look like the "listdad" on this site, i am quite ok

i just got tired of newbies thinking i really knew something advanced about the mac but i am a pc tech

i may know about this topic or that topic unrelated to macs, but i like to keep my understanding of the mac on the user level since the last thing i want to do when i am on my own time is dig deep into troubleshooting and modifying if i got that good at macs there would be no real money in that where i live so i stick to windows

you are over 800 posts late in january so maybe you will see 1000 before spring comes along and i am curious to see what you will be called at that number of posts

mischief and spikey are on their way, too


Moderator emeritus
Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
I would venture to say I have a fair amount of knowledge of the Mac OS and the hardware....not so much on X however....but still a decent knowledge.

I hope a lot of the people here don't think I'm a "know-it-all" when it comes down to it....more than anything, I make a lot of comments and state a lot of opinions in these threads....and I've just become more active in the past couple months than before.

Even if it were the case, I would still have to see what happens when one reaches 1000 posts!! :p
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