Other [Humour] Apple’s response to Samsung fold


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Nov 23, 2011

I see from your previous posts you've been spreading other eye-wateringly hilarious quips as well. Some are far too funny to keep to myself! I've just got to share some gold below – that is, if I can steady my sides and see through my tears of joy!

Emojis, yay!

Animojis, yay!

Memojis, yay!
Fantastic. Just fantastic. The craftsmanship of this comment is so unique to even think of such a thing, yet it's so incredibly profound as well. They often say the best jokes make you think for a while afterwards; I definitely was on this one. It's like a stocked buffet, where there's always something new to go back to.

I want to see a $20k laptop and $3k phone.
Now this... oh wow, this is brilliant. What you've written may be interpreted as fact, so the reader is confused in thinking "why you would want such high prices for a future device?" I certainly was confused. I scratched my head and rubbed my temple for a solid few minutes.

It was only on the fourth or fifth read that I realised your comment was not all it seemed! You were expressing your meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, however in doing so you were actually making the point CONTRARY to what you wrote! I was in tatters after it hit me.


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Jul 16, 2014
njah, they will design iphone that is bent for atleast 16 microns with 8 microns tolerance to get perfect retina view measured from your nose with an apple pencil bent 24 microns upward