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    Hi, friends!



    So, you think life just accidentally began when organic molecules (after millions and millions of years of swimming in a puddle of primordial soup) organized one-too-many swimming championships? Think again! The time has come to discover the truth behind what really happened billions of years ago... when life itself didn’t even know that it existed! You’re invited to a challenge in the Primordial Soup with three little Helpers: Nunstuck, Git & Slotermeyer!

    ZAKI Gaming Division is proud to present their first action/arcade/puzzle game for Apple iOS called 3volution - A Primordial Soup Challenge! 3volution is simple, addictive & challenging game available for all iOS platforms. Complete quests & stages, 3volve from a tiny no-brained zero to supreme ruler of primordial soup and engage with players in hunt for gazillions of points. 3volution is totally unique game, with unique gameplay concept.

    3volution is a tribute to classic arcade & puzzle games, from back in the days when players could achieve thousands, even hundred of thousands of points if they could survive long enough in harsh early environments of classic games. But guess what? In 3volution players can engage in hunt for gazillion of points! Only their skill and commitment for the game is the limit!

    iTunes link -

    Press about 3volution:

    148Apps ★ "Want a simple to learn but difficult to master iOS game that’s perfect for short bursts of play and lengthy sessions? 3volution is it. No, really, this is it. Stop looking." ★ "Surprisingly addictive. Combines high score gameplay with a sense of level progression."

    The iPhone App Review ★ "3volution is worth every penny. It’s a brilliant new arcade game. The gameplay is fresh, exciting, and rejuvenating. It’s also complex, rich and engaging, which means you’ll easily spend hours upon hours playing it." -

    TopTenREVIEWS ★ "3volution will grab your attention quickly, keep you entertained and serve as an effective time killer."

    Videogamesuncovered ★ "Simple, addictive and challenging. It's a refreshing change to find a game that is actually the same as described!"

    Appsmenow ★ "This game is chock-a-block full of originality and polish!"

    Main features of 3volution game:

    - Simple, addictive & unique gameplay concept. You touch one helper and push him between the other two. It doesn't get any simpler. Unless a goon is there to stop you.
    • Challenging hunt for gazillion of points and ranks. Unlock freeplay mode and try to survive against other residents of the primordial soup. And when you are there, try and score those billions of points if you can. We promise you, that's not as easy as it sounds.
    • Many Leaderboards and Achievements. With new athletics leaderboards - from 100k points sprint to 42 million points marathon.
    • There is also an intelligent help and tutorial system integrated into 3volution that should satisfy all your questions about the whats, hows and whys.

    We would also like to announce that we've recently launched a FREE version of 3volution. It features a big healthy spoon of a primordial soup experience - including all the challenges that await for you in FULL version - with limited stages & quests and time limited no-limits no-rules survival mode.

    iTunes link -

    Did we mention that 3volution is very, very addictive and an extreme timekiller? Well, it is.
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    A few promo codes for you, so you can try the game:

    T9PFPEPE9AKK -already used

    Please write down, which code you took, thank you! :D
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    Thank you, Jessica! We have quite a few surprises coming up next week, stay tuned! :D
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