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Dec 6, 2001
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Man is this smokin'. Every year before MWSF and MWNY, there is so much hype.

This year is different.

Normally, its the Mac-heads doing all the hype here on rumor sites. But now its Apple Inc. doing it. I think they fully know the repercussions of hyping this up and then letting us down, so I cant imagine anything short of amazing......can I?

Remember the iPod hype? Apple sent all these invitations around claiming that they have a new device that will 'revolutionize' the digital lifestyle. What did we get?

A fancy-schmancy MP3 player.

Yeah, a small part of me was slightly dissapointed. Granted, the iPod is a great little toy, but it hasn't revolutionized crap. It just improved upon an already existing product. Yes, its good. I know. But dont you dare flame me for making these statements, which all of you have already thought. The definition of revolutionary isnt making improvements on already existing products, its creating a new product that changes the way we live. The Model T did that. The telephone did that. And, the Personal Computer did that. An MP3 player, did not.

I am wishing for the best at MWSF. Apple is pulling no punches on their hype-marketing. But as someone else said it: Apple users arent going to be happy unless they have a G8 running at 587gHz.

Dont forget, we are the geeky bunch that takes it to the extreme. Apple is talking to the average consumer when they post these statements on their website. To an average consumer, an all-in-one Flat-Panel iMac IS where no PC has gone before, and Apple CAN make this statement in good conscience. Im just trying to keep people from being amazingly dissapointed come MacWorld, and causing all this Apple hype to blow up in their faces. Id hate to see Apple faithful turn their backs on Apple just because they didnt deliver a Terahertz molecular nano- G43 processor.

So please, everyone. Check your hype at the door, and enjoy MacWorld for what it is.


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Jan 2, 2001
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I agree!

I'm completely with u agreenster! Even though I like to get involved with the discussions without getting too excited like some of us here, I just love watching the mayhem unfold....he he he... :D


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Sep 3, 2001
Originally posted by agreenster
I guess no one feels the same. I just hope you guys arent in for a big letdown.
i agree a little, and dissagree a little too. i totally see your point with the ipod and had thought of that as well when apple started creating hype, but i think for apple to punch us right in the face and say that it's way beyond the rumor sites.... i dunno, i think we may actually see some revolutionary product/s. although apple's recent trend is to take existing tech and make it alot better, i dont think they've lost the ability to innovate. i mean who would have speculated the day before the newton came out that apple was going to create a handheld computer/organizer? that's why i think alot of the rumors are getting really annoying with the g5s, PDAs, flying imacs, etc i think apple is going to hit us from a totally different angle, that we never would have thought of. dont get me wrong i can totally see what your saying, with an lcd imac coming out, and i think this is a very realistic prediction, that's what scares me. yet an lcd imac is not way beyond the rumor sites.... : )

...we'll see monday
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