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    Aug 26, 2009
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    Seriously, I cannot be the only one who is so tired of hearing adjectives replacing details and facts. Politicians exaggerate, stretch things out, downplay things, etc. Do any spew this much rhetoric and tall-tales?

    1. "Nobody but Donald Trump will save Israel"
    2. "Nobody knows jobs like I do!"
    3. "Nobody understands politicians like I do"
    4. "Nobody beats me on National Security"
    5. "Nobody would fight harder for free speech than me"
    6. "Nobody can beat me on the economy (and jobs)"
    7. "Nobody will protect our Nation like Donald J. Trump"
    8. "Nobody more against ObamaCare than me"
    9. "Nobody has more respect for women than Donald Trump!"
    10. "No-one has done more for people with disabilities than me"
    11. Illegal immigration "Our Southern border is unsecure. I am the only one that can fix it"
    12. Illegal immigration "Such a big problem for our country-I will solve"
    13. Infrastructure "The only one to fix the infrastructure of our country is me"
    14. Infrastructure "I am the only one that knows how to build cities"
    15. Infrastructure "all falling apart. I can fix for 20% of pols, & better"
    16. ISIS "ISIS is still running around wild. I can fix it fast"
    17. ISIS "5000 ISIS fighters have infiltrated Europe. Also, many in U.S. I TOLD YOU SO! I alone can fix this problem!"
    18. Jobs "I will create jobs like no one else"
    19. Jobs "I am the only presidential candidate who will bring jobs back to the U.S.and protect car industry!"
    20. Jobs "I will bring our jobs back to the U.S., and keep our companies from leaving. Nobody else can do it."
    21. Making America great "I am the only one who can Make America Great Again"
    22. Making America great "If I run, and if I win, our country will be great again."
    23. Moving jobs to Mexico "I am the only one who can fix this. Very sad."
    24. Obamacare "We will immediately repeal and replace ObamaCare - and nobody can do that like me"
    25. Slow GDP "I TOLD YOU SO! Only I can fix"
    26. Social Security "I am going to save Social Security without any cuts. I know where to get the money from. Nobody else does."
    27. Tax laws "I know our complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever run for president and am the only one who can fix them."
    28. Terrorism "At least 67 dead,400 injured. I alone can solve"
    30. Tough calls "Govt. collapsing in Iraq...Sadly, I called this one and please remember, I alone called it.
    31. Veterans Affairs "I will fix VA quickly."
    32. Why are people upset w/ me over Pres Obama’s birth certificate? I got him to release it, or whatever it was, when nobody else could!"
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    Zombie Acorn

    Feb 2, 2009
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    Words are cheap and no one will remember them, I'd be more interested in what actually gets done over the next 4 years.
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    Aug 26, 2009

    Well, if memory serves.. I'm drawing a blank other than Supreme Court justice and hurricane aid to those not in PR....

    So far, the only swamp draining that's been done are of the turds he himself produced.
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    Mar 22, 2010
    After trump is impeached/resigns, he should join PRSI.

    He'll fit right in.
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    Nov 6, 2016
    That's a tremendous list. ;)
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    Aug 26, 2009
    That’s what I’ve been hearing a lot of polls have been predicting for a very long amount of time according to what many people have been saying...
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    Zombie Acorn

    Feb 2, 2009
    Toronto, Ontario
    Plenty of hurricane aide has hit the shores of PR. Trump has signed everything that they've asked for. They are extremely disorganized and it's been reported that the governor and a mayor of San Juan are in a feud which is slowing things down even further. The military is likely going to have to take over the show. The idiots on the ground basically don't know how to mobilize the aid that's been given to them
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    Apr 1, 2005
    Space--The ONLY Frontier
    Four years huh ?

    Man you are optimistic.
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    Zombie Acorn

    Feb 2, 2009
    Toronto, Ontario
    More like 7.
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    Jun 16, 2008
    You miss the point in trying to place blame on the people there rather than the slow reaction time by Trump.

    Let's go into that.

    From GWB and Katrina:


    Further with that, from DHS:
    So Both Bush and DHS were late in responding to Katrina for various reasons, with Bush taking more time to get back to work from his vacation, as well as DHS being late in getting logistics going with FEMA. Now, cross that with Trump, who is already established as on a campaign stump for Strange, while a hurricane had already hit Puerto Rico and USVI.

    Trump was also late in getting his response out to that. Trump was late in doing everything he can to get his people back on their feet from that devastation. Those people are under his watch as well; Yet he was more concerned with a futile attempt to try to get someone through a Primary for an open Senate spot, and carrying on a very petty grudge with players in the NFL, while the entire islands of Puerto Rico and USVI were completely destroyed.

    No. they don't get the blame for this, when Trump screwed up the initial chain of events to begin with:

    It should take no POTUS 5 DAYS to respond to a natural disaster affecting US residents and citizens. 5 DAYS. Blaming this on the mayor of San Juan and the governor of PR? what a complete farce of an excuse you are bringing.

    From that same Mayor you are accusing of having a feud with the governor:

    Check your facts, because it's really sad that Bush actually had a better response to Katrina than Trump has had with Maria, yet you try - in as much of a futile effort as it was to get Strange elected - to defend him.

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    Zombie Acorn

    Feb 2, 2009
    Toronto, Ontario
    Trump signed disaster relief on Wednesday of the storm:


    That authorizes the federal agencies that were kept under Obama's admin for the last 8 years to mobilize. So your 5 days assertion is total ********.


    "I have to say that the administration has responded to our petitions. FEMA, Brock Long, has been on the phone virtually all the time with me, checking out how things are going," said Rossello.
  12. bradl, Sep 29, 2017
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    Jun 16, 2008
    That is no assertion. Trump did nothing except raise a stink with the NFL, while he did absolutely NOTHING for PR and USVI. He couldn't even afford them the same luxury with the Jones Act that he did with those on the mainland. That isn't something that DHS can waive; that is something that the POTUS has to waive. He did nothing for 5 days, while spending his time in the twitterverse and on the stump complaining about taking a knee.

    And deflecting back to Obama has nothing to do with this, as Maria happened under TRUMP'S WATCH, Not Obama. But as you bring up Obama, let's see what he has done since Maria:


    All 5 former POTUSes signed on and engaged in this... 2 days BEFORE Trump waived the Jones Act. Where Trump was doing what? Taking to the NFL yet again.

    That must be why his whole entire administration is in crisis mode for their response to this. Yeah, my assertion is wrong. You may want to tell that to every single media outlet, both nationally and internationally, because they are seeing the same things that we are; only some people here in this thread, let alone this reply, refuse to see it, let alone believe it.

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    Zombie Acorn

    Feb 2, 2009
    Toronto, Ontario
    You said Trump did nothing for 5 days, I proved you wrong. Your assertion was incorrect and you should withdraw it immediately.
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    Compared to that most bewildering list, this is a modest inclusion and yet in its way I find it his towering achievement in dumbfounding hyperbole:

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    There is no situation so fubar'ed that involving the military in it won't make it worse.
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    Dec 11, 2016
    That video more belongs in the comedy thread. "I think I am actually humble. I think I am much more humble than you would understand." Also great at irony. So humble, the absolutely best at being humble there is in the world. Bigly.
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    Apr 20, 2009
    Wow...this "nobody" person sounds really great. We should elect nobody next time. Nobody for president!

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